Torch on Roofing Installation in Edmonton

Torch down roofing is a term used for membrane roofs made from glass and polyester with bitumen that are added to tar and gravel roofing. It is a common method used by many property owners. It uses modified bitumen sheets in a fiberglass base sheet. It’s proven to give a great durability and effective results.

Torch down roofing gets its identify through the approach of burning the bitumen sheets on the sheet of fiberglass through the method of set up. Torch on roofing is installation is at low prices, the installation starts from binding a sheet of fiberglass around the roof area.

Ensure you secure the sheet with nails positioned at intervals of 4 to six inches. Straighten the rolls of the torch down roof so as to get rid of wrinkles and rumples. You’ll be able to do that by rolling the roof fifty percent way back again. Now place the torch at all over a foot before the straightened roof. As a result of heat, the bitumen would melt and at this time, you should push the straightened roof forward to ensure it binds while using fiberglass sheet.

Torch on roofing solutions are commonly used in flat roofs as that of low slope buildings. Faster and easier to install, it is a prominent alternative to the standard tar-and-gravel built up roofs. During installation, bitumen sheets are torched onto fiberglass base sheet in the areas of roofing overlap. The key benefits of torch on roofing is its ability to protect the roof from rainwater. Since rainwater tends to accumulate on the surface of low slope or flat roofs, torch down roofing in also play vital role in preventing damages.


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